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  • What are the 'Tanning Sprays' and what do they do?
    With everyday use, our tanning sprays are guaranteed to give you your dream tan when in exposure to natural and artifical UV light, an all year round must have!
  • What are the 'Fruit Drops' and how do they work?
    Similar to our 'Tanning Sprays', our fruit drops are guaranteed to give you a deep and intense tan. For those who don't fancy a 'Tanning Spray', our fruit drops are an amazing alternative!
  • How do I use the 'Tanning Sprays' or 'Fruit Drops'?
    You will receive detailed instructions with your order on each product! For any additional help - please contact
  • What time of the day should I use my 'Tanning Spray' or 'The Fruit Drops'?
    It is completely up to you! We suggest to take your spray or drops in the evenings so the product has plenty of time to settle in before your tanning session the following day.
  • Should I use my 'Tanning Spray' or 'The Fruit Drops' when I'm not using sunbeds?
    Yes! Consistency is key. For the best results, make sure you are using our tanning spray every day, even when you're not using sunbeds.
  • Will your products work on fair skin?
    Of course! Our products are guaranteed to work on any skin type. We have a 'Before & After' highlight on our Instagram page.
  • How will long one bottle of the 'Tanning Spray' or 'Fruit Drops' last?
    With maximum use, around 2 weeks!
  • I'm very fair and prone to burn - what should I use?
    We highly recommend our ‘Tan Me Now’ bundle for beginners who are extremely fair and who struggle to tan naturally, this includes three of our ‘The Ultimate Glow’ tanning sprays. Pair this with our ‘Let’s Glow’ accelerator for the ultimate dream tan!
  • I don't tend to burn, but struggle to achieve a deep tan - what should I use?
    Our ‘Build My Tan’ bundle sounds like the perfect match for you! This includes three of our ‘The Intense Glow’ tanning sprays. Want an extra bronze after your tanning session? Why not try our 'Bronzed Babe', you won't be disappointed.
  • I want to maintain my tan - what should I use?
    We suggest using our ‘Maintain My Tan’ bundle, this includes three of our ‘The Glow’ tanning sprays.
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